Dial some buttons, use some words, Save the Ché!


A few weeks back I featured a post about the recent lawsuit brought against The Ché Café Collective by the University of California at San Diego. Read that for some context. UCSD has decided to move forward with the eviction process, with a court date slotted for October 10th. This is a maneuver that takes any negotiations off the table that could save this historic, all-ages DIY mainstay.


Here’s a cool thing in a sea of uncoolness: You can help. There’s a massive ‘Phone Zap’ campaign being organized today (Thursday, October 2nd) that will overwhelm the UCSD administration with calls urging them to halt the eviction process, and place negotiations back on the table. 

Check out the Save the Ché Phone Zap Action page here. Here’s what you could say:

"Hello, my name is _______ and I am calling to demand that the University of California San Diego drop its eviction lawsuit against the Ché Cafe Collective and return to the negotiating table in good faith."

Here are the numbers you call: 

Phone number of the office of Chancellor Pradeep Khosla:
(858) 534-3135

Work phone number of Chancellor Khosla’s secretary:
(858) 534-5335 

Phone number of Asst. Vice Chancellor Gary Ratcliff:
(858) 534-4378

Work Phone number of Asst. Vice Chancellor Ratcliff’s secretary:
(858) 534-4672

If you can’t move yourself to be talkative, you can sign the ongoing petition here. Check out more information about the Phone Zap here.

Meanwhile the Ché is continuing to throw free FEM FESTSexpand their hours and add food (vegan donuts! I SAID VEGAN DONUTS!!), and host fundraising lunches in solidarity with other collective presences on campus. Seriously incredible in the face of this assault.

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Bummer news: I am stepping away from Mt. Home Arts. This is a toughie. I have gotten to work with Matthew Van Asselt on some project/label/collective/thing for the last 5 years. He is an incredible partner and has pushed me in ways that have been so formative to my ideas about art— and what it means when that’s in your hands. Unfortunately the whole ‘3,000 miles between us’ thing has proved really difficult to manage. I have been less and less active as a partner. It’s no good.

Being in California is hard. It’s harder still when I haven’t found a community that gets me super stoked. While bummed about this these last few days, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what these communities mean to me. If my idea of DIY is geographically specific, is that still true to the ethic? Isn’t the beauty of this scene, this community that it can be transposed and transplanted, moved around and adapted? I think so. Even if it isn’t immediately obvious to me, I know these shapes change and have been changing the whole time. Matt said “I think ‘home’ as a place has to be malleable.” Mt. Home isn’t home, it was an outlet to articulate my artistic ideas for the last few years. It’s a shell. It’s a means of expression. Your good stuff will always follow you, because it’s yours. It gets gooder with friends. To trap that idea within a specific space and time is damaging to the livelihood of this ethic we care about. It’s damaging to your potential as a creator.

I’m scared and excited. I’m scared to lose something I care about and I’m scared to shift my idea of community. I’m excited to be working on GRASSTRONAUT and to be having these conversations and I’m excited for what comes next. Let’s talk. We’ll see. <3


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While “Don’t quit your dayjob” is still the favorite thing to say from dads everywhere to their kids starting DIY projects, grassroots arts funding will remain an issue. The cash sources are limited: Door money is awesome, but often is just enough to…


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The Ché Café Collective has made their home at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) for the last 34 years. Turns out UCSD is really, really not good at playing House.

Some brief history: Since UCSD students formed the Ché Café Collective in 1980,…

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